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Created by Caroline Sharpe, Modified on Wed, 22 May 2024 at 01:20 PM by Caroline Sharpe is still a beta project and we greatly appreciate your support and understanding while our team works hard to bring you the best possible product.


If you find a bug in our software, we want to know about it! You can just drop us a note and we will do our best to find and solve the issue on our side...


Or, if it's something super annoying and it's taking us a bit to figure out the problem, you can expedite the process by submitting a formal bug report. These make it so much easier to address any bugs, that we can include your reported bug in our next update. Sometimes we can even resolve the issue in a few hours.


To submit your bug report, you need to have a way to record your computer screen. We recommend Loom, I personally use ScreenFlow, just because of how often I edit videos. You can also just use your local device's screen recording software, it doesn't matter as long as it's a .mp4 file in at least 720p (higher=better). 


When you're ready, follow these steps:


1. Open Google Chrome in Incognito Mode. 

Remember, Google Chrome is always the most stable version of the software. We do not support other browsers at this time (although some may inadvertently work).

File > New Incognito Window

2. Display Developer Tools in Chrome tab.

You might see what's called an 'error' display in your Console. An error alone will not necessarily be a sign of your issue. For example, in the gif below, you can see an error when I get to the login screen that won't cause a problem for me. Other bugs won't have any error shown at all. Try not to make conclusions based on what you see or don't see in your console, leave that to us!

View > Developer > Developer Tools


Note: We need to see the Console section of your Dev Tools tab. Please make sure that you're looking at the correct tab.


3. Start Screen Recording and login to

4. Capture bug on video and make sure it is exported as an .mp4 or .mov file.

5. Use the following email template to report your bug to our team:


Subject: Bug Report: [<10 word description of bug]

(i.e. Bug Report: Cannot Change Size of Bookle Text)



1 - Is this bug impacting CopyCraft, Pages, Bookle, or multiple applications?

2 - Please provide a short description of the bug you are dealing with.

3 - Please give us the steps we can take to recreate this issue.

(i.e. 1. open bookle editor, 2. highlight text content, 3. change size, 4. note that size does not change)

Don't forget to attach the video you made!!

We can't guarantee that your bug report will allow us to immediately fix the issue you are facing. Our systems are complex and everything impacts something else; fixing one bug could cause a lot of drama and we have to make sure all repairs are approved by our team. 


I promise we'll do our absolute best to address everything as fast as possible, while keeping the product good and consistent. 


If we can be of any help, please send us a note at

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